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All Star Backer Lane Weston

In The Sphere Universe

Lane Weston is an official Backer in The Sphere Universe. Thanks to his efforts the Universe will live on. That could be your name and you could be featured in The Universal Hall of Fame too. But only if you Back The Interactive Spheres on Kickstarter before time runs out. Get your Liquid Sphere and soon you can Live Like an Astronaut, you will help save The Universe. While you are here check out some of the other Backer pages and enjoy their content. Lane Weston registered his account in The Social Sphere on the registration page and so should you! Join this awesome new community. Make a post after registering and see what happens. The Sphere Universe offers over ten different post types to choose from! Your post could become the next to go viral.

With your help the Universe will live on and you can call yourself an All Star Backer. Join TSU today and help us revolutionize the world. With your help anything is possible. Support The Sphere Universe and back The Interactive Spheres Campaign on Kickstarter before time runs out!

An All Star Backer In The Universal Hall of Fame

Backing The Interactive Spheres comes with its perks. As a member of TSU you will find it  easy to share your favorite videos and music tracks, your Social Pages, and even your favorite memes. Start an open list and other members will comment and add to them. Share a vote with The Universe. Maybe it will go viral. Let more people find you when you become a Backer of the most Interactive Crowdfunding Campaign Today, The Interactive Spheres on Kickstarter! Back us before time runs out and you will be Living Like An Astronaut and helping to Save The Universe!

Only you can decide but if you help us you will be Backing what will become the first interactive online community in 3D! Show your support soon and The Sphere Universe will become the best designed Interactive Online Community in the world. You will also find yourself rewarded with some awesome products when you Back The Interactive Spheres.

My Favorite Youtube Video

My Favorite Track

My Favorite Vimeo Video

You probably know but, The Interactive Spheres will soon be live!

Back this amazing project and you can have your profile featured on a page like this!

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